Toddler With Down Syndrome Wins Two Modeling Contracts Thanks To Her Smile

At almost 2 years old, Connie-Rose Seabourne is embarking on an exciting adventure. The little girl, from the U.K., has Down syndrome, but that hasn't stopped her from landing two modeling contracts.

Her mother, Julie, has gotten so many compliments on her daughter's smile for as long as she can remember. When her friends suggested that she contact a modeling agency, Julie decided to give it a whirl.

Connie, born two months premature, wasn't diagnosed with Down syndrome for the first two weeks of her life.

Her mother, Julie, told the Daily Mail that she has "friends whose children have been diagnosed with Down's syndrome and have had nothing but positive experiences of children with the diagnosis." She says, "It's just another little baby who needs to be loved."

Her friends adore Connie for her sweet smile and encouraged Julie to get Connie into modeling.


Julie says, "I sent an email with a picture of Connie-Rose to a model agency to ask them if they were interested or whether I was just fooling myself."

"We got a response back straight away to say they were definitely interested."

"When I spoke to the agencies about her Down's syndrome diagnosis, no one even batted an eyelid."

Apparently, Connie loved her modeling experience. Julie says, "She follows direction very well and she has so much fun in front of the cameras."

"She's had so many photographs of her taken by me that she's just used to it."


Connie's smile and disposition earned her two contracts already. With such a sweet face, there are sure to be more to come.

Her mom knows that it's really all up to Connie in the end, though.

She says, "As soon as it gets too much for her or she doesn't like it, we'll stop. The first sign that she's not enjoying it, we'll stop."

Little Connie is now a star on the rise, and hopefully she continues to love the experience, because the world will definitely want to see more of her.

Via: Daily Mail | Ross Parry

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