Toddler's BFF Is A Scary Lawn Owl

Like many children, my little sister spent several of her younger years attached to a blanket. Believe me when I say, though, that this was no ordinary blanket – it was an utter monstrosity. “Boo-Boo,” as she called it, was never meant to be a child's plaything. King-size, knitted, blue, and impossibly heavy, she insisted on bringing it everywhere. It went on family vacations and out to dinner. We sat on it at the beach and fought to huddle under it when the subway was cold in the winter. Boo-Boo was undeniably weird and awkward, but all in all, he was part of the family

Don't worry, my sister grew up to be a well-adjusted young lady, but to this day, we aren't quite sure what drew her to the blanket as a toddler. Was it the color, the texture, or, as the youngest child, just part of some internal mission to do things her own way? It's not like we never gave her a hard time about her choice. There were many occasions when she had to come to Boo-Boo's defense, as I learned when I referred to him as “gross” after finding an old lollipop stick in a forgotten fold. “Boo-Boo is NOT gross,” she said adamantly. “He is lovely.” 

Now that I'm older, I've come to realize – there are some friendships that just can't be explained, especially when it comes to the innocence of a child. Take, for instance, one-and-a-half-year-old Sylvie. She recently made a friend that really took her parents (and whole family) by surprise. When we saw how silly, adorable, and unexpected this friend was, and how far her obsession really goes, we just had to share it! 

Here is Sylvie and her BFF – a slightly terrifying lawn owl named “Whootie.” 

Originally, the lawn ornament was a birthday gift for Sylvie's father. He'd planned to put Whootie on his boat to scare away birds, but when Sylvie saw the owl, she fell in love – hard. 

The pair quickly became inseparable. 

As Sylvie's mom, Rebecca, told BuzzFeed: “Sylvie just immediately became really entranced by it. She was saying 'Hi owl, hi owl,' and just wanted to carry it around everywhere. She doesn't seem freaked out by it at all, even though it's clearly kind of terrifying.” 


It wasn't long before Whootie was doing everything with Sylvie and her family. 

Sylvie's parents say that it's not just Whootie, though – she loves all owls, especially the ones found in her favorite bedtime books. And check out that adorable hat! 

She can't fit her arms around him, but that doesn't stop her from carrying Whootie everywhere. 

Whootie goes to the grocery store, the park, the library … 

Even to bed with Sylvie! 

“I know you're a night owl, literally, but let's try to get some shut-eye.” 

Imagine being Sylvie's parents and waking up to this sight. 

Rebecca said: “When I wake up in the middle of the night and look at the baby monitor, there's an owl face staring at me, which is kind of creepy and ridiculous.” 


Strangers are often surprised when they see the tiny girl and her bizarre pal. 

We, however, think it's pretty darn cute! And the Internet seems to agree. After Sylvie's uncle, Pat, uploaded pictures of her and Whootie to his Twitter, the pair became an overnight sensation. 

After all, it's not every day that you see a love like this. 

“WHO's ready for dinner?” 

We hope that Sylvie and Whootie will be friends for a long time – and that Uncle Pat will take more pictures! 

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H/T: BuzzFeed | pat tobin

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