Transform Old Furniture Into Cute, Creative Flower Beds

Gardening just might be one of the best hobbies out there. It's been shown to relieve stress, it provides physical exercise, and the fruits of your labor really add to the beauty of your home and yard. You don't need to have much space to create a garden to be proud of, either; you can even use the space and structures you already have if you think a bit outside of the box.

Don't want to spend a bunch of money, though? You definitely don't need to, no matter your gardening goals. If you want to grow your own fruits and veggies, you can make things easier on yourself at practically no cost by building your own greenhouse. You can also make your own one-of-a-kind planter using things you might already have, like this clever DIY planter made from tires. No tires hanging around? Well, if you have any unused, old furniture, you're in luck!

1. Dresser Full Of Flowers

Pamela Field

If you've got a dresser that needs refinishing, you can spend hours making it look nice enough for the guest room ... or you can fill it full of flowers!

2. Give Your Flowers A Seat

Jalena Rusaw-Slape

Everyone has seen those adorable vintage chairs with wicker seats that have definitely seen better days, with holes in the wicker that make them completely unusable as seating. Fix the problem by using them as planters instead.

3. From Guest Bed To Flower Bed

Julee S

Switched from a queen to king bed and don't know what to do with the headboard and footboard? Turn it into a bench and cover it with plants, obviously.

4. From Plain Bench To Flowery Bench


So you say you're not the crafty type; forget tackling the whole project of making your own bench and just use an old one as a planter.

5. Add Mason Jars To Make More Space

Killer B Designs

Even if you don't have a green thumb or you're not into flowers, this is the gardening project for you. Use the seat to display cacti and succulents and the back to hold jars of herbs.


6. Take Off The Seat And Replace With A Tall Planter

Garden Therapy

Have another one of those seatless chairs hanging around? It might be the perfect fit for a tall planter. Just place the pot inside the center, and you're done!

7. File Cabinets Can Be For Flowers, Too


Say goodbye to that rusty old cabinet in your office ... and say hello to a deceptively chic planter like this one. The sleek lines and succulents will appeal to anyone with minimalist aesthetic preferences.

8. Cabinet Drawers Work Perfectly As Planters

Xena Nierobisz

Drag that old cabinet outside, remove the drawers, and attach them to the sides. Voilà! You've got a multi-use planter that can be filled with flowers and other decorations.

9. An Old Metal Bed Makes For A Classic Flower Bed

Diva of DIY

Old metal bed frames are just classic. Sadly, they usually aren't made for the king- and queen-sized mattresses most people have today. That doesn't mean you have to throw it out, though; give it a new lease on life in the garden instead.

10. Create A Flower Bed Using A Vintage Sewing Cabinet

Shabby And Sew Much Mor

In prior decades, sewing machines weren't just a standalone tool. Instead, they came fitted inside small cabinets like this one. Now, even if the sewing machine doesn't work, the vintage cabinet still deserves to be a showpiece.


11. A Small Bench Seat Makes The Perfect Fairy Garden


Keep in mind, you're not limited to simple pots of flowers with projects like these. A small bench can be the perfect space for a fairy garden, filled with a few plants and all the makings of a sweet, miniature world.

12. Throw Out The Dresser And Just Use The Drawers

Beyond the Picket Fence

Even if your dresser is beyond all repair, just salvage the drawers!

13. Take The Sink Out Of The Kitchen And Into The Garden

Homeward Found Decor

A worn, vintage sink with fresh greenery growing inside gives off the perfect rustic vibe.

14. Or Grab The Bathroom Sink And Drag It Into The Yard

Painted PJ's

And if you don't have an old kitchen sink, a discarded pedestal sink works just as well.

15. Turn A Thrift Store Sewing Table Into The Perfect Planter

The Gift of Thrifting

Just like the sewing-cabinet-turned-planter above, this smaller cabinet looks gorgeous while holding flowers.

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