Transform The Small Spaces In Your Home With These Crafty, Unique Ideas

One of the biggest challenges for home decoration is how to tackle a small room. You want to make the best use of the space you have, but you also don't want the place to end up as a cluttered mess. You have to make smart choices that open up the space that you have and use it wisely. 

With that in mind, we've found some great ideas for you. These room designers all took a small space and made the absolute most they could from it.

We think you'll be amazed at the results, and they should give you inspiration for your own home. Let's take a look.

1. A Shelf Adds Another Level To The Room

This is a great idea. Build a shelf over a storage space and gain a space for an extra bed or a chill out zone.

2. Extending The Children's Bedroom

This is a sweet way of fitting more into your childrens' bedroom. The design incorporates two pull out beds that can be pushed away to make room for play during the day.

3. A Stacking Solution For A Child's Room

We absolutely loved this design. If your little one only has a tiny bedroom, why not put everything together at one end in a stacked solution? Then they can enjoy some floor space to have fun on.

4. Dual Purpose A Room

This is a creative way of making a room serve two purposes. The bed is not just a bed—it also serves as a couch when needed.


5. The Office Bedroom

This is a cool way of getting a study and a bedroom out of the same space. Use a bunk-style system which puts the bed up high over the desk.

6. The Bed That Hides In The Wall

This is probably quite expensive to achieve, but the fold away bed in the wall does mean that the space in this room is utilized to perfection.

7. Using The Length Of A Narrow Room

So, you can't fit a bed in there—but why not an extra long couch for chilling on? That's what this designer did with their ultra-narrow room.

8. The Cupboard Bed

This might seem a scary proposition, but it's a clever way to separate out a small living space by placing the bed inside the cupboard.

9. The Perfect Youngster's Place

What teenager wouldn't love to be in a room with a high bed that lets them retreat from the world and a desk to study at?

10. Clean And Simple Design

The use of color and the hanging of a curtain to screen off the bed from the room are a very simple way to tackle a small room.


11. Deluxe Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are a classic children's room addition and they do add a lot of space without much effort. Children really love them too.

12. The Minimal Bedroom

This really is a very minimalist approach and the addition of a second bed, which slides out from under the first, adds extra utility here.

13. The Narrowest Reading Room

We like the dual bed and couch approach, and the little table is a nice touch, too. We can imagine curling up with a book in real comfort here.

14. The Minimalist Illusion

The color scheme here makes the room feel wide open and airy—but in reality, there's not an inch of wasted space. It's an optical illusion that really pays off.

15. Going Compact In The Attic

The designer has been very careful to work with the slope of the room for this attic bedroom. It's a very efficient use of a very small space.

It may be challenging to decorate a small room, but as these designs show, you can create amazing results with a little effort. 

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