Transform Your Bedroom With This DIY Light-Up Headboard

Looking around the bedroom and feeling a little bored with the décor? Nastazsa from the YouTube channel LagunaBeachLove10 has a crafty way to add a little pizzazz to your living space. Her demonstration in the video fits her full-size bed, but the concept could be expanded to fit any desired length. The best part is that this project won’t set your wallet back too much.

Here is what you need:

  • A curtain rod long enough to fit the target space
  • Mini Christmas lights (she demonstrates with two boxes of 300 each)
  • Damage-free plastic hooks (Her project takes a full package of 18)
  • Curtains (she uses a set sourced from IKEA)

What comes next:

  • Using an electric drill, hang the curtain rod.
  • Evenly space the hooks in a straight line along the rod.
  • Being careful to avoid tangles, drape the lights over the hooks.
  • Take down the curtain rod and fit the curtain onto it.  Replace the rod.
  • Fluff the curtain into the desired position.
  • Power up your lights and prepare to be delighted!

This sort of project can add so much to a bedroom, but you could just as easily enhance the other rooms in your home in a similar fashion!

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H/T: LagunaBeachLove10

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