Transform Your Old Sweaters With These DIY Ideas

As winter winds down, it's time to figure out what to do with our cold-weather clothes during the offseason. Most of us tend to toss our sweaters and heavy flannel deep inside our closets, never to be seen or heard from again until next October, but what if there's a better way to handle it?

Each year, it's a good idea to go through your winter clothes and figure out which items you no longer have any need for. Whether they're too small or full of holes, these are the things we have to say goodbye to in order to keep our closet from turning into a colossal mess. Instead of throwing them away, we've tracked down some amazing DIY projects that will bring new life to your old sweaters. 

Obviously, donating clothes that no longer fit is always a good option too, but we all have that one special sweater we can't imagine getting rid of even though we haven't worn it in years. So, without further ado, check out these 14 crafts and start transforming your old clothes into comfy new accessories.

1. Sweater Quilt

Yellow Suitcase Studio

The sweater in this picture cost under $20 dollars to make. How is that possible? All you need are some sweaters from the thrift store in a pattern of colors and a little bit of sewing experience. Toss the sweaters in the dryer so they shrink before you cut them into squares and start sewing. Click here for a tutorial.

2. Knit Cap

Craft Stylish

Sweaters are great for keeping your body warm, but they don't really do much to cover your head. Create a warm knit cap with one of your sweaters by measuring your head's circumference and then cutting out five parts of the sweater that measure 1/5 the circumference. Sew these all together and it'll be a perfect fit! Click here for a tutorial.

3. Giant Braided Scarf

Just Another Day In Paradise

If sewing isn't your thing, then this craft is for you. Simply cut a sweater into three long strips, braid them and then decorate it with a pom-pom or whatever else will make it extra cozy. Click here for a tutorial.

4. Throw Pillows

Brassy Apple

Even when sweaters don't fit us anymore, they're still super comfy and should be put to good use. To make your own sweater pillow, cut two large squares out of a sweater and sew them over a throw pillow of your choosing. Click here for a tutorial.


5. Laptop Bag

Not Dabbling In Normal

This one shows off just how versatile sweaters are. This crafty user measured out how much space they needed, cut it out and then got to decorating - it's that easy! Plus, the armholes make perfect straps or handles. Click here for a tutorial.

6. Flower Vase Sweaters

Thrifty & Chic

These are a great way to spruce up a flower display. Slide a sweater sleeve around a vase and trim it so that it fits. Then, feel free to decorate with buttons or felt flowers. Click here for a tutorial.

7. The World's Softest Slippers

We Can Redo It

Don't be discouraged by how nice these look - they're deceptively easy to make. Just imagine your favorite sweater, but on your feet. You're welcome. Click here for a tutorial.

8. Easy Ear Warmer

Premeditated Leftovers

Don't feel like making an entire knit cap? This cozy ear warmer is a simple alternative that'll keep you feeling warm and looking cool. Click here for a tutorial.

9. Sweater Socks

Alaska Crafter

Slippers are great, but they could be warmer. You can make these elegant socks the same way you made the flower vase cover. Click here for a tutorial.

10. Warm Bangles

A Bit Of Sunshine

Even bracelets get cold in the winter, so it's our job to make sure they stay nice and toasty. Measure out a strip of sweater and sew it directly around a big bangle bracelet, transforming it into the perfect winter accessory. Click here for a tutorial.


11. Festive Flower Pots

Duo Fiberworks

Just like with the flower vase cover or the sweater socks, your sleeve is your best friend. Wrap it around the flower pot, trim and enjoy! Click here for a tutorial.

12. Doggie Sweaters

Vo Knits

Not only do sweaters keep a dog warm, they can actually be good for its mental health too. Depending on your dog's size, converting one of your old sweaters into one that fits them shouldn't require too much effort. Click here for a tutorial.

13. DIY Mittens

Feathering My Nest

Why spend money on mittens at the store when our old sweaters give us plenty of fabric to work with? Measure out two pieces of sweater to fit your hand, sew them together and you've got yourself a brand new pair of mittens. Click here for a tutorial.

14. Flower Brooches

Betz White

You can get endlessly creative with a few shrunken sweaters and a pin back. These would make a great decoration for some of the other crafts on this list. Click here for a tutorial.

Via: Little Things

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