Transform Your Toilet Paper Rolls Into Wall Art

Toilet paper rolls don't have much use once the toilet paper runs out. You probably don't think twice about the tiny cardboard tubes once they hit the bottom of your recycling bin, but there's an awesome new DIY project that just might change that. 

Cindy over at Made2Style has taught us how we can transform toilet paper rolls (or paper towel rolls if the thought of them being in your bathroom grosses you out) into a dazzling piece of wall art. It's super easy to make and the materials hardly cost anything. All you need is a mirror, some toilet paper rolls, hot glue, and your favorite color of spray paint. 

Cindy's project is endlessly customizable, so you can use as few or as many toilet paper rolls to make the piece as large or as small as you'd like. Check out the images below for a step-by-step tutorial of this clever craft. Of course, always be sure to check with your neighbors before raiding their recycling bin and collecting their paper towel rolls.

Here's what you can look forward to having when this craft is complete. This looks more like something you'd spend $50 on at a home goods store than something you can whip up in an afternoon.

Step one is flattening your rolls and cutting them into half inch pieces. There's no exact number you need to use when starting out, but Cindy recommends around 20 toilet paper rolls and 6 paper towel rolls.

Next, take four pieces and attach them together with hot glue. Each piece should still be "pinched" to give it this shape.


Her finished product ended up using about 40 of these wheels, so you'd need roughly 160 strips of toilet paper rolls.

From there, you'll begin attaching them to a circular mirror. The mirror measures 10 inches and was purchased from a fabric store for $8. Glue the first round of wheels directly onto the edge of the mirror.

Once the first row of wheels is secure, begin adding your second row. As you can see, Cindy attached these onto the crevices between each of the wheels in the first row.

For the third row, simply repeat what you've done for the first and second.

Finally, to finish up the frame, you're going to want to create a new shape for the outer rim. Start by gluing two pieces together like this.


Then, glue two more together with their tips touching like this.

Stack the two pieces together like so, and use this shape to fill in the gaps.

The final shape should look something like this.

Cindy decided to finish her frame with a black spray paint, but feel free to go with whatever color you think would look best in your home.

And here's what the finished product looks like in action. There's no way guests won't be complimenting your new wall art. The only question is ... will you tell them where it came from?

H/T: NX2 | Made2Style

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