Tree Stump Transforms Into A Gnome House

Doing yard work can be a pain. Mowing the grass is exhausting, edging the yard takes way too much time, and don't even get me started on pulling weeds. Those of us who do our own yard work can share in just how miserable this all can be. One of the most time-consuming projects, however, is cutting down a tree. There is a lot of planning and careful consideration that needs to be made to remove a tree from your yard safely and effectively. But, even if everything goes to plan, you're still left with an unsightly stump that is usually an eyesore. 

In April 2015, Mimi found herself in this exact predicament. Her husband had cut down a tree in their yard and left a stump that stood out like a sore thumb. Instead of just letting it be, Mimi decided to get creative. After a few trips to hardware shops and the dollar store, she created what she calls the "Gnome Tree Stump House."

The Gnome House is incredibly detailed and includes everything from lanterns and windows to real flowers in clay pots. Ever since she unveiled the project, she has constantly received compliments from neighbors and questions about how she put it all together. Even her husband, who has been present for a lot of Mimi's ideas over the years, can't help but smile with pride at his wife's incredibly creative invention.

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H/T: Mimi's Mixed Bag

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