Tricks To Get The Cheapest Flights Every Time

Everyone has their own preferred method of travel. Car, train, boat, bicycle (if the distance is short or you’re incredibly determined), and plane are the normal go-to's in America. Me? I love travelling by plane. However, I absolutely hate booking my flights. Air travel might be the fastest way to get you where you need to go, but it’s also often the most expensive option.

Odds are, you will spend more hours searching for deals on flights than you will actually spend flying in the air. To ease the pain of ticket shopping, consider these tips for booking the cheapest flight. You might just save yourself some money that can be used on much more important items, like a nice pair of crying-baby-cancelling headphones.

1. You have 24 hours to change your flight.

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A lot of airlines offer a 24-hour cancellation window. If you find a better deal, or change your mind altogether, you can cancel your flight for a full refund. Just be sure to check your airline's policy before booking.

2. Fly during off-seasons.

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Summer and Christmas are peak travelling seasons for airports. For a cheaper flight, book your flight during the off-seasons.

3. Certain days are cheaper to fly than others.

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Some days of the week are more expensive to fly on than others. For the best fares, try scheduling your flight on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Saturday.

4. Book on a Tuesday.

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Tuesdays are not only one of the cheapest days to fly, they're also one of the best days to book a flight. Airlines typical run sales Tuesday through Thursday for flights two to three months in advance.

5. Use social media.

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If you have a Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook account, consider following your favorite airlines to gain exclusive deals. 

6. Bundle your flight, car, and hotel.

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It's typically cheaper to book your rental car, hotel, and flight together. Hotels are more inclined to discount their rooms this way to avoid appearing cheap.

7. Take a red-eye.

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Despite not being the most fun time of the day to fly, red-eye flights are consistently the cheapest. Early morning flights are your second-best option.

8. Rack up points.

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Airlines love customer loyalty. While it might be cheaper to switch between different airlines, consider paying a little more in order to earn points with one. Perks such as free miles, free luggage, and priority boarding can be attained with enough reward points.

9. Book your parking in advance.

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If you're going to leave your car at the airport, consider booking your spot in advance. It could save you a few bucks.

10. Use different airports.

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The bigger the airport, the busier it is. Try flying through a smaller airport. In fact, some cheaper airlines prefer them.

11. Give smaller airlines a try.

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Again, smaller airlines are a good option. Forgo the frills and save some money on a great deal. Peanuts are overrated, anyway.

12. Be flexible.

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Depending on the nature of your travels, this one might be hard. If you have the ability, be flexible with your dates. Extending your trip by a few days could save you big bucks. 

13. Clean up your searches.

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Clear up your cookies and cache to make sure you're getting the newest deals. Something that simple could prevent you from missing out on some sweet specials.

14. Go directly to the airlines.

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It's a common misconception that airlines only post their most expensive fares on their website. Not true. Airlines would rather have you pay them directly, so, often times, you'll find the best fares directly on their website.

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