True Love Captured In A Couple's Final Moments

May 24, 2016

True love doesn't always go as planned. In movies and television, we often see characters involved in some pretty unbelievable romantic relationships. Even though there are some bumps in the road, things always seem to work out for them in the end. And, even if they don't, their farewell is usually beautiful, heartfelt, and a little too perfect.

Love in the real world is messy. You don't always get to say goodbye to the ones you love before it's too late. As much as we all wish we could have that storybook ending, sometimes it just isn't meant to be. Jim and Cindy Mininni had about as passionate a relationship as you could have. Young lovers, they had their only son, Chris, while they were still dating. While this could be a scary fork in the road for some couples, Jim and Cindy couldn't have been more excited to get married and raise a child together.

They lived happily together for over 20 years until Jim was diagnosed with lung cancer. While the news was difficult for his wife and son to hear, they knew that they would fight together. Unfortunately, after doing everything they could to battle it, Jim's cancer would not go into remission. He was relocated to a new hospital where doctors told him that he had a 10% chance of beating it. As if things couldn't get any worse, Cindy had a heart attack around the same time that put her in a different hospital. In the final days of Jim's life, he found himself miles away from the love of his life.

Their son was doing everything in his power to make sure they were both comfortable, but driving back and forth between hospitals was getting difficult. Then, mere hours before his father passed away, Chris witnessed something truly unbelievable ...

This is Jim and Cindy Mininni. They fell in love with each other 24 years ago and haven't stopped loving each other ever since.

While they were dating, Cindy became pregnant with their son, Chris. Some men would flee from the responsibility of raising a child with someone, but Jim started crying tears of joy!


Just like that, Jim became a husband and a proud father. As Chris grew up before his eyes, Jim couldn't have been happier that he found someone like Cindy to be with for the rest of his life.

But, as we all know, life has a tendency to throw us curveballs when we least expect it.

The Mininnis found out that Jim had lung cancer. No matter how many sessions of chemotherapy he endured, it showed no sign of going into remission. Soon enough, Chris and Cindy had to accept that fact that their father and husband wouldn't be on this earth for much longer.

During this time, Chris couldn't believe the amount of strength his mother showed. A nasty condition was slowly stealing away the love of her life, but, in spite of it all, she continued to show love, positivity, and resilience.

Then came a twist that no one was expecting. If this were a movie, many viewers would dismiss it as being too unrealistic, but everything that happened next is 100% true. Cindy had a heart attack that required her to be placed in a different hospital than the one her husband was in. Jim didn't have much longer to live, and it appeared as though his wife wouldn't have a chance to say goodbye.


Jim was in such critical condition that he lost his ability to speak, but that didn't stop him from writing three important letters on a slip of paper. The hospital staff couldn't ignore his plea, which simply read "Mom." Everyone began doing everything in their power to get Cindy transferred to the hospital, but it was no use.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, Cindy's transfer was approved and Jim was finally able to take his wife's hand in his and say a proper goodbye. Cindy was asleep during Jim's last moments, but Chris was sure to capture several pictures of the heartbreaking farewell. While upset that she didn't get to say goodbye herself, it meant the world to Cindy to see these photos and hear how far Jim and the hospital staff were willing to go so that he could say his final goodbye.

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