Turn A Wooden Palette Into The Perfect DIY Planters

Although the weather has been a bit out of sorts in many places this year, it's about time for people to begin spending more time outside (if they haven't already). That means those neglected backyards, patios, and porches are due for a good cleaning and possibly even some small upgrades. Maybe that includes something big like new outdoor furniture or a new deck, but even small additions can make a splash.

That's why many people choose to decorate their outdoors spaces with colorful flowers. You can get a great terra-cotta pot at any local hardware or gardening store ... or you can take it a step further and build something that will make all your neighbors jealous.

For this DIY hanging planter, you need to find a wooden palette.

First, take the palettes apart carefully. Choose the best pieces of wood from the palette and use them to construct the foundation of your hanging planters.

Cut each piece to the right size, sand it to make sure it's smooth, and make a square for the base frame of the planter box.

Use more of the wood sourced from the palette to first glue, then nail, slats into place for secure construction.


When you're done building your foundation boxes, they should look like this.

With the construction of the boxes complete, it's time to move on to painting or staining. Instructables user mtairymd decided to use a nice, dark stain for his, but you can pick anything your heart desires. Perhaps a paint color that complements your home's exterior?

Once they've dried, they're perfect to use right away! While the hanging planters featured in this tutorial are gorgeous, these simple boxes look stunning on their own. They're also perfectly functional as-is.

If you want to keep going and build hanging planters, either just one or a pair, keep your box(es) empty, and read on!

To create the post used for hanging, you'll need one plain 4x4 for each box you've got. Use the same stain or paint as you used on the foundation planters and give the post a few good coats.


Then, secure the post in the center of your base planter box.

You'll need a couple of decorative hangers for each post. Choose whatever style you prefer, making sure that they will stick out far enough to allow the hanging basket planters to hang straight down.

Once everything is put together, all you need are plants and flowers galore! Head to your local gardening store and pick the flora that suits your climate and aesthetic tastes.

The best thing about these hanging planters are that they fit in a relatively small space, yet still provide a lot of beauty. And the planter itself? Not too bad to look at, either!

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H/T: mtairymd/Instructables

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