Turn An Old Sweater Into A Beautiful Basket

Chances are you’ve got quite a few cardboard boxes around your house. Maybe you’ve got a bunch of diaper boxes like the crafty bloggers who come up with these incredible DIY projects. Or maybe you’ve got an Amazon Prime habit that’s populating your household with plain brown boxes. Even the average warehouse club shopper gets pretty buried under cardboard after a time.

You can, of course, drag it all to the curb. Cardboard recycles pretty well. But at the same time, many decorative things you buy in the store are really just dressed up cardboard boxes, except you’re paying a pretty penny for that. So why not save a little money, and save your recycling center a little work by tackling this fun craft project?

With just a little elbow grease and an old sweater you’ve been thinking about getting rid of, you can have a beautiful new storage basket for your home.

Start by removing the flaps from one side of the cardboard box. Make sure the other side is well-taped and secure.

Drape your sweater around the box and find a good spot to begin your cut.


Cut the sweater in a straight line across the edges. The strip you’re cutting should be a little wider than the height of the box.

Line the rough-cut edge up to the base of the box and start your gluing. Get a good bead and mind your fingers. Hot glue earns its name.

Fold the excess sweater material over into the box and glue it just like you did on the other side.

If you want to get fancy, you can start adding lace trim to style it up. This is that point where you can really make this project your own!

Handles are easy. A little natural-fiber rope and some more glue are an easy way, but if you need a little more durability, you can poke a couple holes and run the handles through the sweater and cardboard in a loop!


Et voila! Your brand new, très chic basket, perfect for all your storage or decor-ganizing needs.

The best thing about this project is its easy repeatability. With a never-ending supply of cardboard boxes and worn-out clothing in everyone’s lives, there’s a theoretically endless supply of these handy baskets just waiting to get made. You could stick with sweaters, or you could go wild and use fancy-patterned bed sheets, old sports or band t-shirts. You could even get really ambitious and sew some old jeans together for a really cool, eclectic look.

Whatever you do, it’s important to remember that even if you decide you don’t like it six months down the line, it basically cost you nothing and it’s made out of stuff you were going to toss out, anyway. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, but, in this case, there is zero risk and tons of reward. Not to mention the benefits of having attractive organizational supplies that can really make organizing fun and enjoyable.

Okay, maybe not enjoyable. We’re not sure we can do anything to make organization enjoyable. But this will certainly make it easier and less tedious and that’s certainly something.

Via: Thrifty and Chic

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