Turn Dollar-Store Finds Into Beautiful Jewelry Stands

Jewelry’s really about showing off, isn’t it? Not too much, but that little flash and flair can sometimes bring an otherwise modest or plain outfit to life in an instant. It’s like a personality booster for your wardrobe. However, we’re betting that most of you keep it in a box or maybe a dresser drawer. Which is all well and good if you’ve got plenty of it, but what about those pieces that you might wear almost daily? We’re guessing you’re not sleeping in them, and they’re almost certainly not getting put away properly. Many people simply drop them on the dresser, or on a simple plate that found its way into the bedroom from the kitchen. It seems an awful waste to spend the kind of money many stores ask for stands and holders designed for jewelry.

So, in swoops Michele Baratta, proprietor of BellaBranchTV and an associated jewelry brand, with a cute DIY jewelry stand that only requires a hot glue gun and a trip to the nearest dollar store! We’re suckers for projects that are this affordable and simple but still result in a delightful finished product.

We also have a crazy suggestion to put your own spin on it! Elmer’s glue mixed with a little food coloring makes a great alternative to ordinary paint, for a cool stained-glass effect.

Use matte Mod Podge over the top, instead of gloss, for a nice, frosted finish that will look like an awesome vintage find.

H/T: Michele Baratta

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