Turn That Way-Too-Big Vintage T-Shirt Into An Awesome Peplum Blouse

So you found the perfect t-shirt at your local Goodwill. You've been searching for that one band's rare tour shirt for ages. Now you've found it. Only problem? It's about three sizes too large. Oh no! Well, that doesn't have to be the end of it. With a few snips and some basic sewing skills, you can turn that baggy tee into the perfect fashion top.

April over at coolirpa has been running her "thrifted transformations" series for around two years now, but this fan favorite actually predates that official title. From cool school fashions to Halloween costumes, April has done it all. What's great about her projects is that she never gets too crazy with them.

While sewing is required on many (but not all!) of her DIYs, they're usually simple stitches that even people who are only vaguely familiar with a sewing machine can manage. What's more, they're all tremendously fun. This conversion of a t-shirt into a peplum-style blouse is just one example of how April is able to think outside the box and deliver enjoyable projects that you can do at home.

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H/T: coolirpa

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