Turn Your Old Glass Bottles Into Cool, Crafty Pendant Lamps!

Glass containers are growing more and more prevalent in our lives. While old standbys like wine bottles and pickle jars have stood the test of time, most other foods and drinks dabbled with plastic storage and packaging and a great many of them switched over entirely to the flexible, lightweight plastic family. That tide is turning, however. Where ten years ago it might have been impossible to find Coca-Cola in a glass bottle, nowadays it's not too hard at all.

In fact, the news broke recently that San Francisco is planning on banning the sale of all plastic bottles. Whether more cities follow suit or not is anyone's guess but one thing's for certain, this trend toward glass isn't going away anytime soon. So what does this mean for us, the consumers? Well, for one thing, it means we're going to have a lot more glass in our recycling bin. Thankfully, glass is easy to recycle, but it consumes a lot of energy while it's being ground up, remelted, and so forth.

So why not keep some of those bottles around for a household project or two? Whether indoors or out in the yard, there are tons of uses for glass empties. This particular project is a little trickier than some others we've done before, but once you get the glass cut, it's a breeze.

Step 1: Cut that stuff.

One option for cutting a bottle evenly is to score around it and then use a torch to quickly heat the weakened seam. Another is to use a clever trick involving some string and acetone.

Step 2: Clean up any stray glass flakes and inspect for cracks.

Step 3: The real trick now is glass-fusing glue.

Apply a small amount to the open edge of the glass.


Step 4: Attach the first row so that it extends slightly past the lip.

This will protect the potentially sharp edges from causing trouble.

Step 5: Start slowly building up your rows.

Step 6: When you're done, let them dry until they're set.

Step 7: Now you'll need a pendant bulb!

You can find these at craft and hardware stores.


Step 8: Use a small wooden dowel to wedge the cord in the bottleneck.

This will keep the cord in place and take any strain off the bulb fixture.

Step 9: Measure and loop.

Use a wire tie to make a loop at the desired length so you can easily hang your cool new light!

Step 10: Hang them up and plug them in!

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H/T: iLoveToCreate

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