Twice A Year, Golden Rays Migrate To Warmer Water In The Thousands

Going on a boat across the ocean can be exciting, peaceful or even terrifying, depending on the situation. After all, you never know what might be lurking in the vast, open waters.

Upon spotting this incredible sight, you might feel any combination of these emotions. Wait until you see what might be lurking in the sea.

Imagine looking from your boat and seeing this just below the ocean’s surface.


It’s actually an epic migratory journey of golden rays. The golden rays migrate, twice a year, to warmer waters in the Gulf of Mexico. The ocean appears golden, as they usually move in groups of 10,000.

Tom Giebel

Even though they look incredible, they are still dangerous, with poisonous stingers that can kill. You may still be able to dive with them, however, as they will only attack if they are cornered.

Rory Moore

When do you think you’ll make a journey like this?

Florian Schulz

This is a huge reminder to be careful whenever you’re out on the ocean. After all, you never know what might be lurking just below its surface.

Credit: NewsInPic

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