Two Adorable Sisters And A Photo Editing Wizard Of A Dad Makes For One Terrific Photo Album

Of course as a dad to two young kids and professional wedding and portrait photographer, Jason Lee was going to be shooting lots and lots of pictures of his kids, Kristin and Kayla.

As with all little kids, they had plenty of spirit and shenanigans to make for compelling little subjects.

But it wasn't until November of 2006, when Lee's mother was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, that Jason wanted a way to showcase the spirit and energy of his kids to share with his mother, who was so often weak from her sickness.

So he created a blog, Kristin and Kayla, to share them with his mom.

Bringing his background in photography into a unique focus and giving the family a special bonding time.

But of course the world couldn't help but notice his extraordinary photos looking at fatherhood through a whimsically surreal lens.

Jason's creativity and special attention to lighting really make his portraits pop.


You can tell the girls have a blast modeling for their dad.

And his images capture familiar childhood moments perfectly.

Not to mention the relationship between siblings.

Some of his shoots are clearly homages to something Jason remembers from his own childhood, like this piece, "1-Up."

And others look almost like advertisement pictures for the pure fun of growing up.

Like this one, “Turning 7.”

Jason graciously shares his "behind the scenes" pictures on Facebook.


Sometimes even getting in on the photos himself.

And adding in graphic elements.

He's also a skilled Photoshopper.

He shoots photos for specific holidays, like birthdays.

The photo shoots add an extra layer to their imaginative play.

And they'll be so grateful to their dad for giving them these photos to look back on.

Credit: Kristin and Kayla

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