Two Artists Are Leaving Sleeping Giants Around The World. Their Canvases Are Larger Than Life

Ella and Pitr are a pair of French artists who have an unusual perspective on their work. Or rather, their work is meant to be viewed from unusual perspectives. Whether abstract works inside buildings, or portraits on any available surface, there is typically one particular way their art should be seen.

Nowhere is that more true than in their “Sommelis Lourdes” series (French for “Heavy Sleep”), where paint and wheatpaste come together to create slumbering giants that can only be seen from high above.

These napping behemoths are styled in a way that reminds many of Maurice Sendak.

He’d probably have appreciated the quirky fantasies.


They certainly have many surreal elements.

More than that are the subtle details in the works and their photographs. Notice the “gems” in the crown?

Amazingly, each bauble is a person, which really tells you just how big these images are.

Some of the people have more room to stretch out than others.


And you’ll have to imagine why they’re all so tired.

While many are on rooftops, quite a few are also on ground-level, in parking lots...

Or even grassy fields. They all make excellent use of space and the people all find themselves constrained by humanity’s tiny structures.

Via: Ella & Pitr

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