Two Artists Have Created Their Own Floating Paradise. What It's Inside Is Beautifully Whimsical.

This is something you really have to see to believe. On a tiny inlet along Clayoqout Sound on Vancouver Island, Canada, Wayne Adams and his wife Catherine King have created something that is completely out of the ordinary. Being an hour upstream from the closest town, they decided to make their home as unique and inviting as possible to people passing by along the river.

Named “The Bower,” the entire area is afloat, and consists of their two-story home, several outhouses, and 14 greenhouses. 

Everything is held together and kept above water by a vast array of fish farm floats that are anchored in place.


Each year the greenhouses produces over 25 different types of vegetables, 18 types of herbs, and a variety of berries, edible flowers, and fruit. This, along with income from making candles, sculpting, and carving, has allowed the inventive couple to sustain themselves and financially support the life of their dreams.

Prior to creating this wonderland, Wayne was a ranger in the lush forests of British Columbia, where he often spent long and uneventful nights carving. After a few years of practice, he decided to switch occupations and become an artist specializing in fossilized ivories. Catherine, a retired ballet dancer, followed her husband’s lead and began learning to carve and create art herself.

Having only the company of their pet chihuahua, Huckleberry, can become quite lonely, so they encourage visitors floating by to stop and visit whenever they like. With all the produce from the greenhouses they usually have enough food in supply to feed up to eight people at any given time.


To help out the couple, local boat tour operators and divers often come by to assist with maintenance and upkeep of the floating home.

Many of us would love to live the carefree life that Wayne and Catherine have. If you are ever in the area, be sure to pay them a visit – they will happily roll out the red carpet for you.

Source: Messy Nessy Chic | Photography: Browning Charters

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