Two Brothers Wanted To Give Their Mom The Perfect Gift. What They Came Up With Is Brilliant

Last Christmas, Joe Luxton and his brother had the brilliant idea of recreating old family photos and turning them into a calendar for their mom. While their mom loved the gift, so did the Internet, inspiring Joe to create a Tumblr of their project titled “Then/Now.”

An extreme attention to detail is what makes the brothers’ photos such a huge success. Not only did they try to match their facial expressions and poses to the old photos, they even recreated wardrobes and backgrounds. Best of all, they got their dad and family dog in on the fun.

1. Brotherly love, then and now. 

2. The details are hilariously spot-on. 

3. Old or young, we all love cake.


4. One thing that hasn’t changed – Dad still likes to snooze. 

5. All these years he’s been questioning that hair bow…

6. Dad’s beeper really completes this picture. 

7. Then and now, the Luxtons love their family dog. 

8. The brothers’ sense of style hasn’t changed much. 


9. They might be older, and hairier…

10. But they still know how to love and have fun like only brothers can. 

Credit: Then/Now | Twisted Sifter

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