Two Canadian Guys Rescue Bald Eagle, Take Selfie

Two brothers out hunting grouse in the Canadian wilderness have become instant Internet celebrities after rescuing a gorgeous bald eagle from a trap used by fur hunters. It’s not so much the rescue that’s made the news, but the actions the brothers took after freeing the bird that have everyone talking.

It might seem just a little silly what they did after saving this animal’s life, but really, how many times in your life do you get an opportunity like this?

Michael and Neil Fletcher were out seeking game birds when they noticed a bald eagle in the distance.

They decided to try and get a closer look, only to discover that the poor bird was caught in a fur trap, clamped onto one of its talons.


Working quickly, the brothers freed the majestic bird of prey. But they just couldn’t bear to let the bird go without a well-earned selfie with the symbol of America.

Thankfully, the bird seemed to be uninjured. Michael mentions being awestruck by the eagle’s eyes, and impressed by its size. Bald eagles can have a wingspan over six feet wide.

The hunters also took a video of them releasing the bird, and it’s pretty amazing to see this amazing creature take off and fly away.

Posted by Michael Fletcher on Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Via: Michael Fletcher

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