Two Grannies, One Lamborghini, And A Whole Lot Of Laughs

Mar 8, 2016

Old people are notorious for their slow driving, right? That may be the case in a lot of places, but out in Los Angeles, California, there are at least two grannies who don't mind living fast! Donut Media, a car-enthusiast media company, recently gave the keys to a 650 horsepower Lamborghini Murcielago to Peggy Glenn and Audrey Linden. After almost crashing into the garage door before the ride even begins, they get the hang of it and start enjoying the thrill of being in a luxury sports car.

Grandmas are almost always entertaining in our experience, and these two ladies don't disappoint. They have an absolute blast waving to strangers and getting all kinds of looks as they drive down Venice Boulevard. They wonder if their newfound coolness might land them a slot in the Rose Parade, and express their desire to "tear rubber," possibly because just regular ol' "burning rubber" is not cool enough for them. 

Their joy ride culminates with a trip to the grocery store, where they gossip about cute checkout boys like a couple of teen girls. Upon arriving back at the car, they discover one of the Lamborghini's interesting features - the engine is located in the rear of the car, where the trunk usually is, and the trunk is up front under the hood. While they try to figure that out, a dashing grandpa comes and inquires about the car, and Peggy enthusiastically encourages Audrey to "chat him up." These ladies are clearly still quite young at heart!

H/T: Donut Media

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