Two Parakeet Brothers Greet Each Other With Kisses

Mar 19, 2016

In the animal kingdom, things are often pretty cold-blooded (no pun intended). It's a jungle out there, literally. Every day in the wild is a fight to survive, so we often tend to think that animals lack some of the sophistication and complexity of relationships that human have. It's often surprising when we see animals behaving socially in ways that we recognize in our own species, such as mourning the death of a loved one or forming deep bonds with another animal. 

We know that many animals like chimpanzees and other primates have complicated family structures and social hierarchies. There is also plenty of evidence of similar family structures in elephants, but I don't think I ever really thought about what it's like for birds. Do they recognize each other as family, or just as other birds? It may not really be something you pause to think about too often, but thankfully, the answer is here.

Two parakeet brothers named Fabio and Gabriel were born one year apart and are apparently inseparable. They know they're brothers, but they're also a whole lot more - they're truly best friends too. They clearly share a very strong bond with each other, as is evidenced by the way they greet each other with kisses as they play around in this absolutely adorable video. I used to have a parakeet as a kid, but mine was nowhere near as loving as these two seem to be.

H/T: Rumble Viral

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