Two Puppies Fell Into A Pit With A Cobra. What Happened Next Is Truly Incredible

We humans have a tendency to view the animal kingdom in rather simplistic terms. Cute animals are automatically assumed to be "good" while dangerous animals are automatically "evil." Life, however, rarely ever confines itself to such neat little boxes.

There are some truly amazing stories of animals being surprisingly kind to each other, and this is definitely one of the more incredible ones. The incident took place in the state of Punjab, India, where two small puppies accidentally fell into a well. After noting their absence and hearing their mother's tireless barking, their owner soon realized what had happened to the two pups.

He approached the well and looked down to see something truly terrifying: right next to the puppies was a large king cobra!

Miraculously, however, the deadly snake posed no harm to the puppies - on the contrary, it seemed to be protecting them!

All told, the two pups spent 48 hours in the well with their unlikely new friend until help finally arrived and they were brought back up. When the authorities went to help the puppies, the cobra instinctively backed away to one side of the well. In the end, the pups were completely unharmed and the cobra was released safely back into the forest. 

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H/T: Bright Side

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