Undercover Investigation Finds Disturbing Truth Behind Where Costco's Eggs Come From

How often do you think about where your food comes from? For most of us, our options for food are so abundant that usually the last thing we think about when we're at the grocery store is how the things in our cart got there. But, as factory farming becomes more and more prevalent, this is an issue that we should all stop and consider. Are we ok with the conditions animals are put through to produce our food? It's a question everyone will have to answer for themselves, and one that we probably won't come to an agreement on anytime soon. 

The Humane Society of the United States has been fighting for the rights of animals for decades, and their latest project has shed a big light on just how much these animals can be mistreated. They were suspicious about retail giant Costco's supply of eggs, so they launched an undercover investigation to see what conditions these chickens were being kept in. What they found was truly appalling. 

The chickens were packed in tiny wire cages, with each animal occupying a space roughly the same size as an iPad. The conditions are the opposite of what Costco claims them to be. In 2008, they promised to use free range chickens exclusively for their egg supply - eight years later and Costco looks to be nowhere close to fulfilling that promise. 

The video below shows exactly what was found at the facility of one of Costco's egg suppliers, and contains images of animal abuse and even death. Please be advised that it is tough to watch and should be viewed with discretion. If you want to make sure to not support these types of conditions, the Humane Society has provided a handy resource for you to decipher just what you're buying at the store. 

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H/T: The Humane Society of the United States

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