Unique Christmas Decorations Made Of Medical Supplies Bring Joy And Cheer To Hospitals

Anyone who works in the medical field has to deal with some pretty serious issues on an almost daily basis. It certainly requires a lot of mental toughness, but it also calls for having a sense of humor and being able to see the lighter side of things. 

During the holidays, this sense of humor really comes out in force. It has to because no one, neither patients nor medical staff, actually want to be in the hospital over the holidays. Still, if you gotta be there, you may as well have some fun with it and help bring holiday cheer to an otherwise serious and often dreary setting. These 9 examples come from a number of different hospitals, showing that there's really nowhere that the Christmas spirit can't brighten up.

The garlands up top are hung in the traditional style, but I like this spin on it way more!


Potentially life-saving blood transfusions are the ultimate stocking-stuffer.

Lee Kiseung


A festive wreath made of (hopefully unused) urine sample jars.

The Purple Quiltopotamus

Pine trees aren't a practical option for every hospital ward, but there are other ways to have a tree.


Prescription bottles strung onto Christmas lights look surprisingly cute.


An injured Christmas tree awaits the dreaded co-pay.

Penn Medicine


These jolly dentists used mouthguards to make a star.


A wreath made of urinals. Why all the urine-themed wreaths you guys?


I revise my earlier statement. Cute babies are DEFINITELY the ultimate stocking-stuffer, for sure.

ABC News

It’s like they say, laughter is truly the best medicine.

Via: Littlethings

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