Unique Foods You Can Make In A Muffin Tin: You Have GOT To Try These!

Muffin tins: they're such an ordinary part of our bakeware collection, but it's just possible that we're missing a trick or two when it comes to getting the most from them.

Of course, nothing beats the delicious smell of freshly-baked muffins wafting through the house, but sadly, we can't eat muffins all the time. So what else can we do with our muffin tins?

Well, it turns out that you can do quite a lot more than muffins in a muffin tin. Here are 20 awesome uses for a muffin tin that we'd have never thought of!

1. Frozen Milk

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This is a great way to make exact portions of frozen milk for smoothies and soups. It is much better than freezing the whole bottle.

2. Pizza Muffins

P Lain Chicken

Don't these look like a scrumptious collection of pizza muffins? All you need is a slightly savory muffin mix to make these super treats.

3. Rice Krispie Cakes


They're a kids' favorite and they're so easy to make. Use the muffin tin to turn them into little nests, just add some green-colored coconut for grass and some luscious chocolate eggs.

4. Advent Calendar

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It's not just muffins which can go all pizza style, you can use actual pizza base to create mini personalized pizzas for everyone in the family.

5. Breakfast Nests

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A little pastry, a baked egg and some bacon, cheese and garnish and you've got these amazing breakfast nests. Don't you wish it was breakfast time now, so you could make these?

6. Baked Parmesan Hash Browns

Averie Cooks

Take some hash brown mix that you need to use up, and add a touch of parmesan cheese and bake. These are so tasty you won't believe it.


7. Peanut Butter Cups

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Who can resist making their own peanut butter cups? No additives needed, and they're really quite tasty even if they're not so good for your waistline.

8. Peanut Butter Cup Cookies

The Gray Boxwood

Use your muffin tin to shape some unusual cookies and then cover in chocolate and peanut butter frosting. A sweet treat that everyone will enjoy.

9. Stuffing Muffins

Cooking on the Side

No rocket science required here. Take your usual stuffing mix and instead of putting it in a big dish, make individual portions in your muffin tin instead. 

10. Buffalo Dip Cupcakes

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These aren't actual cupcakes, they're simply slightly-baked buffalo chicken dips. They're very nice, but be careful not to leave them in too long. 

11. Neat Stuffed Peppers

Summer's Kitchen

Stuffed peppers are way easier to stuff if you put the pepper into a muffin tin to help it retain its shape. Don't they look great?

12. Cool Corn Dogs


The perennial child's favorite and ours too, to be fair. Mini corn dogs, as long as you don't eat too many, can be "skinnier" than regular ones.

13. Cheesy Bread

Tara's Multi-Cultural Kitchen

Mix bread dough and a grated cooking cheese in a blender. Portion into the muffin tin and bake. Then enjoy both the aroma and the taste.

14. Pancakes And Sausage

Rocky Barragan

This is a traditional pancake mix with some sausage in the base. It might look like a muffin, but it tastes just like breakfast. Yum.


15. Parmesan Potato Snacks

Home Cooking Adventures

Layers of potato and parmesan cheese with a touch of garlic and you have a savory treat blessed by the gods to share with your family. 

16. Blueberry Pies

Great Ideas

There's something fabulous about individual portions of pie isn't there? Just use a muffin tin to make smaller pies than you would normally.

17. Denver Omelets

Everyday Food

Hash brown on the base of the tin, crack an egg over the top and then bake. Instant Denver-style omelets that are easy to serve. 

18. Breakfast Souffles

Lynns Recipes

A souffle is really just a bit of a baked twist on an omelet. These are 100% egg, cheese, bacon and garnish. They're absolutely delicious, too. 

19. Sloppy Joe Bites

5 Dollar Dinners

Mini Sloppy Joes are actually far less sloppy than their bigger counterparts. That makes them ideal for kid's treats when you don't want to have to wash their shirts afterward.

20. Mini Bread Bowls


Mini bread bowls are really simple to make in muffin tins. That makes catering for parties easier, because everyone likes eating from bread bowls, don't they?

Doesn't that just make you want to rush into the kitchen and reach for your muffin tins? It did for us. 

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