Unique Ways To Use Your Kitchen Colanders

Kitchen colanders aren't usually the first thing most people reach for when embarking on an upcycling project. It's very rare that you'll find one outside of a kitchen cabinet, let alone outside your home. However, there are still many uses for a kitchen colander that don’t involve draining food.

You’ll be surprised by how many things you can do with them outside the kitchen, from hanging wall art and organizing tools to entertaining your kids and planting flowers in your garden. For such simple utensils, they sure are very useful.

Here are some great ways to repurpose your old or existing kitchen colanders. Some of these ideas are relatively straightforward while others will make you think, “I would’ve never guessed that was possible!” 

Ice Holder

First for Women 

Keeping your ice cool is easy when you put them in a colander. The holes prevent water from pooling at the base of the colander, which results in longer lasting ice cubes. It's a good idea to place a clear plastic bowl beneath the colander just in case there's some excess water that needs to be collected.

Vibrant Plant Pots

Applied Health 

Add some life to your garden with these colorful colanders.

Mommy's Kitchen

They will look great with any herb or flower growing out of them.

Mommy's Kitchen 


To make your own, you'll need some coffee filters, potting soil, and a colander painted in a color of your choice. You can check out Mommy's Kitchen for detailed step by step instructions. 

Children's Toy

Hands On As We Grow

Keep your child entertained by transforming a colander into a fun toy. Each hole is perfect for threading pipe cleaners, which will help improve your child's motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Yarn Organizer


Colanders can also be used to prevent your yarn from turning into a tangled mess. Just place a ball of yarn inside, then thread each strand through one of the holes to keep things organized.

Unique Wind Chime

Blossoms and Blueprints 

Hang some utensils from your colander and you'll have a fascinating wind chime at your disposal. Blossoms and Blueprints gives a few instructions about the process of making one.

Convenient Cake Pop Storage

Queens Foodie Mama 

You can store your cake pops and lollipops on the sides of your colander for easy access. This would make a great centerpiece at any party or social gathering.

Eye-Catching Wall Art


Make a statement by placing a group of colanders over light bulbs on your wall. These fixtures can be placed in any pattern, and can also be used to provide ambient lighting in small spaces. They make great nightlights in the kitchen or dining room.


Alternative To Boring Light Fixtures


Ever looked at your light fixture and thought, "A colander would look great up there"? If so, follow the instructions at RecyclArt, and that will become a reality.

It's Colander O'clock


The colander's circular shape means that you can convert it into a fully-functional clock. You can find a variety of clock kits at your local craft store.

Additional Kitchen Storage

Bob Vila

You can keep your kitchen organized by using a colander to store cleaning supplies, brushes, and other utensils you need to access regularly.  Simply grab a couple of chains and attach them to an S-hook.

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