Unlike Most Secluded Islands, Pitcairn Is Begging For New Residents

There are few places left in the world where one can be truly secluded. What used to be private beaches, mountaintops and villas are now overrun by hotels, tourist destinations and restaurants. With all the pressures of adult life and gentrification of once-private locales, you might be feeling like it’s impossible to truly get away from it all.

But, if you’re looking for some real solitude, look no further than the island of Pitcairn. Unlike most islands, they are eager for new residents.

The gorgeous island of Pitcairn is only two miles long and one mile wide. 

It’s one of four islands known as the Pitcairn Island Group, located in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean. Although Oeno, Henderson and Ducie are nearby, Pitcairn is the only one inhabited by people. 

In the 1930s, over 200 individuals called the island home. 

But today, there are only 48 full-time residents. 


Emily, pictured below, is one of the 8 children on the island. 

She, like most children, will most likely leave as a pre-teen to attend middle school in New Zealand. 

It’s truly a place where everyone knows everyone – and their mom, dad, siblings, cousins and grandparents. 

Although the familiarity can be stifling, it also has its perks. When someone has a birthday or gets married, the entire island shows up to celebrate.  

Due to a lack of jobs, few young adults remain on Pitcairn. By 2020, it’s estimated that over 80 percent of the population will consist of senior citizens. 

Petroglyphs on cliff sides have proven that Polynesians were the island’s first inhabitants. 


Despite being an island, there is only one sandy beach. Most of the shoreline is too rocky for swimming. 

The average income on Pitcairn is less than $5,000, but since the community doesn’t have much opportunity to spend money, it goes a lot further than it would on the mainland. 

Generators provide electricity to the island for two hours each day. Anything more than that costs a pretty penny, but who needs lights when you have stars?

After all, there’s plenty to keep a person busy on Pitcairn that doesn’t involve TV or the Internet. 

It’s definitely a little slice of paradise – so who’s moving in? 

Via: Elite Readers | Tony Probst

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