Unusually Beautiful Places Most Tourists Don’t Know About

If you're thinking about booking your vacation and you're not sure where to go, you might want to consider one of these unusual vacation spots.

They're a long way off the beaten path and that means you might be lucky enough to get them all to yourself. Though, it's worth noting that you may need to allow a little more travel time to reach them, too. 

Each of these spots is simply breathtakingly beautiful, the kind of places that leave you with amazing memories for a lifetime. We hope that you'll be as tempted to visit them as we are.

1. Blagaj, Bosnia And Herzegovina

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This sleepy country has seen some rough times in recent history, but Blagaj offers nothing but incredible beauty and serenity. Local legends say the village is sacred, we can believe it.

2. Huacachina, Peru

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This is what a town looks like when you build it on the only oasis in the desert. Huacacahina is isolated but captivating, and that's part of its charm.

3. Lake Hillier, Australia

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The lake is really pink. Not only is Lake Hiller set in some of the most beautiful countryside right next to a beach, but it also has really unusual water. As yet, nobody knows why the water is pink, but it is safe to swim in.

4. Hidden Beach, Marieta Islands, Mexico

Marieta Island

You have to catch a boat to the hidden beach, Playa de Amor, but it's worth the effort. The island lies at the heart of a tropical cave network.


5. The Silfra Fissure, Iceland


Don't be fooled. The Silfra Fissure is beautiful, but it's in Iceland and that means you're going to get cold if you want to go diving in these pure waters. 

6. The Lencois Maranhenses National Park, Brazil

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You have to visit during the rainy season (July to September) but if you do, every year thousands of perfectly turquoise lagoons appear among the dunes of the Lencois Maranhenses National Park. 

7. Setenil De Las Bodegas, Spain

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While the locals call it "the town under the rocks," the truth is that Setenil de las Bodegas is "the town in the rocks." The walls and roofs are all part of the basalt formations you can see above the houses. 

8. The Cave Of Saint Marcel d’Ardeche, France


This is actually a cave network in the Rhone region of France. Everywhere you look, there are pools of perfectly clear water and rock formations of incredible color. 

9. The Marble Caves, Chile

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The walls of this Chilean cave complex are made of marble. It has taken thousands of years for the water to wear them into these swirling shapes.

10. Las Lajas Sanctuary, Colombia


The Las Lajas Sanctuary is just inside Colombia on its border with Ecuador. It is a working active church and stands 45 meters above the river below. 


11. The Door To Hell (Also Known As Darvaza Crater), Turkmenistan


It's a bit of a trek through the desert of Turkmenistan to find this "Door to Hell," but it's worth it to see the ever-burning crater. It has been burning now for 45 years without stopping. 

12. Flores Island, Portugal

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Flores Island is a UNESCO listed site for world heritage. Yet, it seems not to have caught the world's attention which is a shame, because as you can see it's just amazing.

13. Dongchuan Red Soil, China

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In the heart of China's Yunnan province, you can find these incredible red fields. They occur because of huge, natural concentrations of minerals in the local soils. 

14. Popeye Village, Malta


This village was originally built just to shoot the movie Popeye in 1980. Today, it's an amusement park and holiday resort and it's very striking to look at. 

15. Isola Bella, Italy


This Italian island may be among the contenders for "most beautiful island in the world." It's also home to some of the most spectacular white peacocks. 

So the big question is, where do you want to visit first? There are just so many wonderful places to see. 

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