Upcycling Ideas For Transforming Your Old Furniture Into Something New

No matter how much we love our furniture, some pieces tend to start falling apart sooner than others. In other cases, we may fall in love with a new piece of furniture that will come to replace an older unit in our homes. Whatever the case may be, furniture pieces tend to come and go within many homes.

It’s such a shame to throw away perfectly good stuff like that, but these items often take up too much room when they are no longer useful in our homes. If the piece is still sturdy and fully functional, you may be able to sell it to a good home. Sadly, many of these household items just end up on the curb.

Before you throw out your next piece of furniture, take a look at these incredible DIY projects that specifically repurpose old furniture pieces. You’ll wish that you had saved some of those items from your old collection!

1. A Dog Bed Made From An Old TV Cabinet

Seekers Bazaar

Thanks to big, flat-screen televisions, most TV cabinets are obsolete nowadays. Instead of throwing yours out, treat your pup to a cozy dog bed that he is sure to love!

2. Benches Made From Two Chairs

My Repurposed Life

If you have identical chairs left over from an old dining room set, there may not be much use for them around the house anymore. Why not turn them into a beautiful bench that would look stunning in your backyard or front porch? Find out more information on this awesome project here.

3. Bookcase Made From A Cable Spool

Pink Stitches

Book lovers will adore this creative idea to turn a cable spool into a quaint bookcase. It's just the right size and height to double as a nightstand, too! Learn how to make it here.


4. Birdbath Made From Old Lamps

Chic Cottage Junk

Give your old lamp a new lease on life by turning it into a birdbath. All you really need is a large bowl or a dome light cover to complete the piece. Your feathered friends will thank you!

5. Hanging Shelves Made From Old Cabinet Doors

My Repurposed Life

Even if you have a weathered cabinet that is falling apart, the doors on the unit may still be salvageable. If this is the case, then you're in for a treat! Just look at these stunning hanging shelves that can be made from old cabinet doors! It will really spruce up any room in the house. Get started on this awesome DIY here.

6. Hanging Plant Shelf Made From An Old Chair

The Little Corner

How cute is this hanging plant shelf? All you need is the top part of an old chair! A distressed chair will make for an elegant, rustic plant shelf.

7. Garage Storage Made From An Old Filing Cabinet

Trash to Treasure Blog

Filing cabinets, especially in private homes, can look quite dated. With such creative and modern alternatives for the home office nowadays, you may find it difficult to match your old filing cabinet with the rest of your interior design. If that's the case, why not transform it into a useful storage unit for your garage tools? Click here to learn how.

8. Mini Sandbox Made From An Old Bookcase

The Homes I Have Made

Often, bookcases are tossed to the curb not because they are falling apart, but because they have been replaced by a more expensive, more appealing alternative. If your old bookcase is still in pretty good condition, consider turning it into a little sandbox for your child. There's even a designated section for all the toys when your child isn't playing in it. Get started here.


9. Kitchen Island Made From An Old Dresser

Apartment Therapy

If your kitchen doesn't provide you with sufficient counter space - make your own! An old, sturdy dresser can be repurposed into an awesome kitchen island, complete with drawers for your kitchen tools and customizable sides to make every cooking experience easier. The possibilities are endless!

10. A Storm Shelter Built Under A Kitchen Island


It's always better to be safe than sorry. A storm shelter can literally save your life in the event of an emergency. The best part is that this storm shelter is built inconspicuously under the kitchen island, giving you the added advantage of secrecy in case you need to be hidden.

11. A Chicken Coop Made From An Old Armoire

Rebecca Gratehouse

With some paint and a little creativity, you can turn a dreary, old armoire into this adorable chicken coop. The farm life can be so colorful and glamorous.

12. Bench Made From A Bed Headboard

The Painted Cottage

Whether your bed headboard is vintage or contemporary, you can still transform it into a stunning bench. How great would this look in your foyer?

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H/T: Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons

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