Use Mashed Potatoes And Pasta To Create Mouthwatering Pierogi Lasagna

Potatoes: perhaps the most perfect food on earth! You can bake 'em, you can mash 'em, you can turn 'em into chips. And the possibilities don't stop there. But what about taking it one step further and combining delicious potatoes with another one of our favorite foods? They might not sound like they go together, but mashed potatoes and cheesy lasagna work together in perfect harmony.

The beauty of this pierogi lasagna doesn't stop at just the taste. It also has the benefit of being way easier and less time-consuming to make. If you aren't familiar with the delicious dumplings, let me explain exactly what pierogi are. The Polish culinary delights are similar to ravioli, made by folding a usually savory filling inside of thin dough. While delicious, making enough of these dumplings to feed a large family or dinner party can be tedious; therein lies the brilliance of pierogi lasagna! 

But what if you aren't a big fan of mashed potatoes and buttery onions? That's OK, this recipe is still going to make its way into your dinner plans because, just like standard pierogi, it's incredibly customizable. You can use meat, sauerkraut, mushroom, or even cottage cheese for the filling and still stay true to the traditional Polish dumpling.

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H/T: Rumble Viral

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