Use This Creative Coverup Technique To Camouflage Any Tattoo

It's no secret that tattoos are becoming more common each year. Less than 100 years ago, only a tiny 6% of the American population had one or more tattoos. Only those on the outskirts were free to decorate their skin with ink. Today, while there is still a taboo regarding the art form, it's nowhere near as uncommon as it used to be. In 2012, The Harris Poll determined that one in five adults living in the United States is the proud owner of at least one tattoo.

With that being said, even the most ardent fan of tattooing might run into a situation where they don't want their artwork to be on display. Maybe you want to perform flawlessly at an interview for a dream job or make a good first impression on a girlfriend's parents; either way, being able to selectively display your tattoos is a good skill to have up your sleeve.

This isn't exactly a novel idea. There are more than a few products out there that are specifically made to conceal tattoos. Famous tattoo artist Kat Von D, for instance, cornered the market on both ends by producing one ... with a hefty price tag of $25 for just over half an ounce of concealer. If you don't want to incur that hefty price tag, YouTuber Nibbles has discovered a foolproof way to temporarily hide a tattoo without spending a fortune. In fact, you'll only need makeup that can be found easily and relatively cheaply at any local drugstore.

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H/T: Nibbles Official
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