Uses For Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide: we use this versatile product for everything, from sterilizing wounds to cleaning the house. The name might make it sound intimidating, but the bottles of hydrogen peroxide that are sold for household use are actually a very diluted version that is safe for consumers.

Because hydrogen peroxide's chemical makeup is very similar to water's, it is often referred to as "water but with one more oxygen atom." In reality, however, the two are quite different. Hydrogen peroxide is often used as a disinfectant or bleaching agent, and when used safely and in moderation, it can do wonders for you and your home.

1. Maximize your dishwasher's performance by adding a splash of hydrogen peroxide to the dishwashing detergent. It helps to eliminate bacteria and breaks down even the most stubborn cooked-on food residues.


2. Want to engage in a fun experiment with your kids? Try making elephant toothpaste to show them how awesome science can be! Check out the video below to get started:

3. Once in a while, give your ears a good cleaning with a drop or two of hydrogen peroxide. It can also help with loosening impacted wax, which can lead to ear infections.


4. Mix two cups of hydrogen peroxide with two cups of hot water to make a wonderful foot soak that will help repair cracked heels. For best results, dry off your feet and remove the dead skin with a pumice stone afterward.

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5. Restore your weathered cookware with hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. You'll be surprised to see how easily this concoction can help you eliminate cooked-on food and grease stains. Watch the video below for the full instructions:


6. It is important to clean your makeup brushes regularly, as they will accumulate dirt and bacteria. To disinfect your makeup tools thoroughly, all you need is some baby shampoo and hydrogen peroxide.

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7. Armpit stains on white and light-colored clothing can be terribly embarrassing, especially when they are a bright, eye-catching yellow. Thankfully, you can rescue your stained shirts with some hydrogen peroxide and dish soap.

8. Removing stains from carpet can be tricky, but a solution made with water, hydrogen peroxide, and lemon essential oil will make it a breeze!

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9. You might be surprised to learn that hydrogen peroxide is welcomed by your garden. In fact, you'll be doing your greenery a favor by watering them with a mixture consisting of one ounce of hydrogen peroxide and two cups of water.


10. Rinsing your fruits and veggies with water may not be sufficient before consumption. To make sure you're really getting rid of all the bad stuff on the surface, spray a bit of hydrogen peroxide and wipe them clean before rinsing with water.


11. Your toothbrush may be responsible for cleaning your teeth, but it can also accumulate bacteria and grime as well. To ensure that you're brushing your teeth with a perfectly hygienic toothbrush, pour some hydrogen peroxide over it once in a while to give it a good, thorough cleaning.

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12. Want to brush your teeth with a more natural cleaning agent than the store-bought toothpaste? Make your own with hydrogen peroxide and baking soda!

13. Similarly, you can substitute chemical-laden toilet cleaning products with hydrogen peroxide. Simply let half a cup of hydrogen peroxide settle in the toilet bowl for 20 minutes, then give it a good scrub.


14. To save yourself a lot of elbow grease the next time you scrub your shower, make it a habit to spray your tub and walls with hydrogen peroxide after every use.


15. If you're suffering from acne, you may have tried countless remedies to get rid of the unsightly condition. Some topical acne solutions can be too harsh for your face while others may just not work. If other methods have failed, you might have better luck with hydrogen peroxide. It has been shown to be effective in eliminating acne as well as acne scars. Make sure that you watch the full video below before you try it for yourself.

16. Spraying copper with a mixture of hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, and salt will give it an artsy, aged look. This patina could take your next art project to a whole new level!

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