Using PVC Pipes And Wool Batting, She Creates A Brilliant Craft Project That Is Beyond Cozy

Everyone’s got that one blanket that they love. Sure, as an adult, you aren’t as attached to a blanket as you were as a kid, but admit it: you still have one particular blanket in your house (new or old) that you like better than any of the others. I know I do (it’s purple and very, very fuzzy), and I never sleep quite as well without it.

No matter how great your current blanket is, though, Imgur user Otterknot has created a blanket that you will wish you had. It’s huge, it’s homemade, and it’s probably the most comfy looking thing I’ve ever seen.

Tell me that doesn’t look like the definition of the word “cozy”.

First, she rolled out strands of wool in sheets to give them the right shape.


She tied the tubes in sections so they wouldn’t fall apart when she washed them in the tub. This also gave the wool a nice, soft, felt-like texture.

Drying in the sun.

The strands were so huge that she needed PVC pipes as knitting needles.

This is knitting and a workout, all in one. It’s knitting, it’s fitness, it’s “knit-ness”.


The result of all that effort made this guy so comfy, he forgot where the camera was.

Credit: Imgur

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