Using Some Old Books And A Cheap Clock, They Created The Perfect Wall Decor For Any Bookworm

A couple needed to spruce up an empty wall in their home, so after some brainstorming, they came up with the perfect DIY. They decided to make a clock, but the idea of decorating the wall with an ordinary clock was not on their agenda. By combining both their personalities and interests, they created a perfect addition to the room. 

Here is where it all started. They sought to bring this empty wall to life.

First, they needed to get a basic clock and assemble it with some cool clock hands.

They both have a huge appreciation for books, so they knew exactly what to do next.


Next, they marked out each point of time roughly a foot away from the clock with post-it notes.

In order to tell the time in a creative way, they picked books that had the clock's corresponding numbers on the covers.

Here are hours six through nine being filled in. The different sizes of each book really make it pop.

Now, the final product is all done, with twelve books in working order.


There is just more thing to do, however.

The numbers on the clock no longer had much of a purpose, so they purchased white paint and covered them up.

The white clock face really pulls it all together. This is something every bookworm needs to have in their home.

Credit: ViralNova | Imgur 

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