Vet Rescues Kidnapped Child

Stephen Adams threw caution to the wind and did something incredibly dangerous and brave. As a veteran, Stephen was given the tool and training by the military to always be keeping an eye out for dangerous situations.

Stephen was driving to a doctor's appointment. The appointment had already been cancelled, but Stephen had missed the call from the office because he was already in the car. Over the radio, Stephen heard an "Amber Alert," signifying there was a missing child.

A suspected killer was somewhere on the road with a kidnapped 2-year-old. Brooklynne Enix had been taken after her mother was killed. After hearing the alert, Stephen saw a little hand wave at him from a car in front of him.

The hand belonged to a little girl that matched the description of the kidnapped child. The man driving also fit his description.

Without hesitation, Stephen started tailing the car. He dialed 911 and began updating them as he followed the suspect.

Soon, the police arrived and pulled over the murdered. Little Brooklynne was rescued without any further problems. Things will never be the same for Brooklynne after this traumatic experience and the loss of her mother, but at least she's safe thanks to one brave man.

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H/T: ABC News

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