Veterinarian Pulls A Marbled Polecat Out Of A Pipe

When I was a little kid, one of the many things that I wanted to be (along with NBA athlete, action movie star, world-class rapper, and President of the United States) was a veterinarian. I'm not a huge fan of doctors, but vets? I think they have one of the coolest jobs in the world, constantly making new animal friends and often saving lives. Naturally, Eddie Murphy's portrayal of Dr. Doolittle being released around my childhood years also helped further the cause.

Sadly, I never did chase those dreams of being a vet (or Hollywood's favorite NBA star). As I grew older and my interests diverged, I found other things that I liked to do, like writing or playing in a rock band. Veterinary school is a lot of work, and I'll admit that I got lazy and went to a regular college instead. Still, I can't say that my fascination with the field has died down. In fact, working here at Wimp where we regularly see so many awesome animal videos and stories, my interest has probably been re-invigorated, since a lot of interesting things seem to happen at the vet's.

Of all the interesting, out-of-the-ordinary stuff I've seen, though, I have to say that this video might be one of the funniest and weirdest things I've seen a vet deal with. When the staff at an Israeli wild animal hospital heard about an injured weasel, they thought they knew what they were in for. This little weasel, however, had gone and hid in a pipe and had to be coaxed out.

By the way, that's no standard weasel. It's known as a marbled polecat, also called a tiger weasel. These animals are part of the same larger family of ferrets, skunks, wolverines, and minks. They are distinguished by their unique, absolutely gorgeous coat of fur. Although they might look cuddly, beware: these are wild animals who may lash out if they feel threatened, and like their skunk cousin, they can also produce a pretty unpleasant odor.

H/T: Safariramatgan

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