Vets Didn't Believe This Rejected Premature Kitten Would Make It, But She Proved Everyone Wrong

When Debbie Timmis received a Facebook message about a premature female kitten who had been rejected by her mother, she was happy to help.

Still, nothing prepared her for the kitten she was about to see.

The owners reported that they found the kitten after noticing a "damp patch" on the couch. The mama kitten was pretty stressed, and did not allow her baby to feed.

The tiny little kitten weighed barely 2 ounces and was about the size of a lighter when she came to Debbie.


The kitten had gotten milk down her nostrils and Debbie feared that she wouldn't survive. An hour later, she went limp, turned purple, and struggled to breathe.

Debbie turned the little kitten upside down and massaged her chest in order to try to get the milk out of her lungs.

With tears in her eyes, Debbie kept massaging the kitten, begging her to live. Miraculously, she did! For the next two weeks, it was still touch and go, and Debbie fed her every two hours.


The kitten contracted an eye infection and ear worms, too, but after those were cleared up, she finally started to gain weight.

Now, she's healthy enough to play, purr, explore the world, and clean herself. Debbie named her "Freyja," after the Norse goddess of love, beauty, and fertility.

It's a majestic name, fitting for this beautiful warrior kitten who overcame all odds to survive. Remember to SHARE this story with your family and friends.

H/T: HeroViral | Debbie Timmis

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