Village In The Netherlands Where Everyone Getting Around By Boat

There are many charming villages around the world, each with a rich, unique backstory and captivating characteristics. Giethoorn, a charismatic village in the Netherlands, has a special feature that makes it stand apart from the others: there are no roads whatsoever.

This enchanting village is located in the province of Overijssel in the Netherlands. Sometimes referred to as the "Venice of the Netherlands" or "Dutch Venice," the residents of Giethoorn traverse through the town via canoe trails and bridges. If you're looking for a break from the city life, then this beautiful, quaint village is the perfect destination for you.

Houses, restaurants, and everything in between are connected by waterways in Giethoorn.

Even the mailman delivers mail by boat, as each house is on its own "private island."

Each house has a gorgeous view of the waters. Trees all around the town create natural, dream-like canopies over the canals.

Residents and tourists get to their destinations by foot or on bicycles, canoes, kayaks, or silent-motor "whisper boats."

Visitors can partake in a boat tour around the town, or they can rent a private boat to explore on their own.

If you're renting a private whisper boat, you'd probably want to pick up a picnic basket lunch that is offered by Smit's Paviljoen - a popular restaurant by the lake.


If you want a more active alternative, Smit's Paviljoen can also organize a cycling tour for you.


The streets are often adorned with art galleries and souvenir shops, creating a lively ambience all around.

Restaurants and cafés can be found along the waterways.

You can enjoy the majestic view of the waters and passing boats while you enjoy your meal or coffee.

There are also tons of activities and events going on year-round.

There is abundant parking in the canoe trails, so you can easily hop off your boat and check out a restaurant or attraction.

If you enjoy drive-in movies, you will absolutely love watching a live concert on your boat.

Zaterdag 17 augustus 2013

Tijdens het optreden van Marcus Malone op het bluesfestival.

Posted by Smit's Paviljoen on Monday, August 26, 2013

Visitors can choose to stay in a rental cabin, a bed and breakfast, a hotel, or even on camping grounds.

De Lindenhof is a well-known accommodation here, which boasts the incredible culinary skills of Chef Martin Kruithof at his two-Michelin-starred restaurant.


Martin blij in onze nieuwe keuken

Posted by Restaurant de Lindenhof on Thursday, June 5, 2014

Many of De Lindenhof's dishes incorporate fresh flowers, herbs, and vegetables that are grown right on the property.


In the winter, Giethoorn is adorned with snow. The waterways freeze over and people can ice-skate through the town.

While there are no roads for cars in this town, there are sidewalks that help people get around town and enjoy the scenery on foot.

During the warmer seasons, houses and restaurants are lined with gorgeous flowers and greenery, adding to the charm of this enchanting village.

To learn more about this incredible town, be sure to check out their website here.

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