Volunteer Pilots Save Shelter Dogs From Euthanasia By Flying Them To New Homes

Apr 25, 2015

Each and every day, dogs wake up in an animal shelter only to be euthanized due to lack of room. This includes dogs of all ages, even pregnant dogs, new mothers and their newborn puppies. There are too many dogs and simply not enough room. 

In 2009, Yehuda Netanel decided he was going to make a difference and help to stop this heartbreaking situation.

He did so by creating his not-for-profit organization, Wings of Rescue.

Netanel recognized that one of the ways to save the lives of these animals was to relocate them to a shelter that did have room.


Since Netanel earned his pilot license at the age of 33 and also owned his own plane, he knew he could offer animals a quick and easy transport to a new shelter.

That way, instead of a 24-hour car ride, which would be much more difficult on the passenger, a three to four-hour flight is all it would take.

In his first year, he saved 300 animals with his flights.

As word got out, more volunteers were interested in the work.


Now, 28 additional pilots are part of the organization that has flown over 12,000 dogs from high kill shelters in California to their new forever homes and/or rescue organizations. They have transported rescues up and down the west coast to Washington, Idaho, Oregon and even Canada.

This year, the hope is to save an additional 7,000 more.

Wings of Rescue is completely funded by donations and, they have a crowdfunding website that can be accessed here if you are interested in supporting them or simply learning more about the organization.

Credit: Wings of Rescue | Distractify

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