Wait Until You See The Bar Hiding Inside This 1,000-Year-Old Tree

The unusual looking baobab tree, also known as an adansonia, is a tree native to certain parts of Africa and a few surrounding areas. The trees are known for their massively large trunks, which are used to store water. Mature baobabs are often hollow and provide great living spaces to animals, and the occasional human. 

The Sunland Baobab is the largest and one of the oldest baobabs in the world. Located in the Limpopo province of South Africa, the tree is so massively large that you could fit a whole bar in there... which is exactly what someone did.

The Sunland Baobab is an old tree, and so it is naturally hollow on the inside.

In 1933, the Van Heerden family, who owned the farm that the tree is located on, decided to put a bar inside it.

Just past this little entrance...


… That you can barely squeeze through...

… Is a cool little bar with surprisingly roomy, 13-foot ceilings!

The hidden pub isn’t even the coolest thing about the Sunland Baobab.

Thanks to carbon dating, scientists have determined the tree to be over 1,000 years old.

Now there’s a pub that makes you wonder “if these walls could talk”, right?


On the inside, only 15 people can fit at a time (probably less if they want to be comfortable), but the tree’s diameter is so huge (nearly 35 feet across) that it takes a significantly larger group to actually encircle the tree.

Credit: South African Tourism | ViralNova

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