Wait Until You See What This Artist Is Making Out Of Snow... It Looks Like The Real Thing.

I’ve seen a lot of clever snow sculptures, but nothing quite like this creation by Schaffer Art Studio. From the carefully crafted logs to the bright yellow and orange flames, it looks like a real campfire. To get the color just right, the artist used food coloring mixed with water – but how he managed to make such a perfect marshmallow is beyond me. To see more snow art by Schaffer Art Studio, visit them on Facebook

He looks so proud – and he should. This is awesome. 

Lots of friends came to help build the snow sculpture. 

The colors are so brilliant, it’s hard to believe they were made by simply combining food coloring and water in a spray bottle. 

Now, it’s time for roasting. 

Credit: Twisted Sifter | Schaffer Art Studios 

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