Wall-Art Ideas That Will Transform The Look Of Your Home

As a child, we learn that drawing on the walls is a big no-no in our parents' home. Growing up, we slowly earn the privilege to stick up posters and hang up picture frames in our rooms, which help to showcase our interests and personalities to the rest of the world. When we turn into young adults, we may move out of our childhood home and into a dormitory or a rented apartment, which still restricts us from decorating our walls the way that we truly want to.

Finally, one day, we become independent adults with our own homes - with no one to tell us what we can or cannot do to the interior. Now, you can finally embellish your walls with whatever you want - from tasteful artwork to crazy wall decor. Your walls are your canvas, and the possibilities are limitless. Let your creativity flow and get inspired by some of these incredible wall-art ideas for your own home:

Painted shadows of your favorite fictional characters will make your room come to life.


Want to give your home an industrial vibe? Try a faux brick wall.

Snippets Of Design

A wall of plants and succulents will brighten up any room.

Vintage Revivals

Energetic and active children will love a rock-climbing wall to refine their climbing skills. Just remember - safety first!


Star Wars fans will love this inspirational quote and lightsaber combo.

Trailer Trash Treasure Trove

Sometimes, simplicity can speak volumes. This giant fingerprint will be the pièce de résistance that all your guests will be talking about.


Bathrooms don't have to be plain and drab. This wooden pallet wall and floral wreath are the perfect makeover for any bathroom.

Mandy Jean Chic

Get the best of both worlds with UV-paint wall art. With the lights on, your walls can remain clean and elegant. At nighttime, your room can take you to a whole other universe.

Bogi Fabian


If you're not artistically inclined, wall decals are here to help. There are a plethora of quotes and images that are available out there - you are sure to find one that suits your taste.


Those who love to travel will adore this elegant mapped wall. You will always be reminded of all the places that you've visited through the years.


This "Epic LEGO Wall" will keep your kids entertained for hours on end. Plus, they'll be able to boast about how awesome you are to their friends!

Renovated Learning

You'd be surprised at what a difference a simple, white plank wall can make.

Little House of Four

This tree art is perfect where your attic door is. You can place a ladder that leads up to the attic, and your kid instantly has an indoor tree house!

Joe Monster

A magnetic wall will allow your kids to explore their creativity over and over again without any messes.

Cup of Jo

You won't want to leave this cozy reading nook once you redecorate it with some wooden planks and a comfortable seat.

Studio Gray House

If you're a bookworm, you'll love this wall full of pages from your favorite book. This is especially perfect if you have a beloved book that is falling apart.


Create the perfect, rustic mudroom with wood-like tiles and a wooden bench.

Home Depot

A Harry Potter fan hand-painted the entire first page of the first Harry Potter book onto her wall. The perfect way to pay homage to your favorite book.

Meredith McCardle


This beautiful, elegant wall art is fantastic for any powder room.

Positive Space Art

A cork wall is ideal for a child's room, where they can proudly show off their artwork and get creative with their display.


Spoil your newborn with this magical, woodland-themed nursery.

Project Nursery

This printed music sheet of your favorite lullaby is a classy and elegant way to decorate the nursery.

Southern Hospitality

Hide the unsightly breaker box in your basement behind a framed artwork. You can do the same with your DVDs and video games as well.

Concepts M2

A simple ledge with some friendly words can make any guest room feel extra welcoming.

Eric Hernandez/Getty Images

Pegboard walls are great for laundry rooms and craft rooms. They can hold up all your necessities so you have more space to work or do what you love.

The DIY Mommy

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