Wall Street Wiz Quits To Pay It Forward

Feb 1, 2015

Mason Wartman, 26, started his pizzeria, Rosa's Fresh Pizza, in Philadelphia with $250,000 that he saved while working on Wall Street. Mason's pizza starts at $1.00 per slice, and although the pizza is good, he is known for something else entirely.

Wartman has introduced a unique way to pay it forward in the City of Brotherly Love.

Customers are allowed to spend an extra $1.00 and fill out a Post-it note as credit for someone in need.

Whenever someone is in need of food, they can come by Rosa's, grab a Post-it, and turn it in as payment.

So far, Mason and his customers have donated 8,300 slices of pizza to the homeless and hungry. 

Alongside the Post-its are thank you notes from those who have benefitted from the program.

Credit: Top 13, Imgur, NPR

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