Walmart Sells Just About Everything, But I Never Expected Them To Start Selling This.

If you're planning on dropping by Walmart, you might have a list of things to pick up. Maybe some toilet paper, pickles, extra pens and, oh I don't know, maybe your eternal resting place?

Yep. You can rollback your prices even into the grave as Walmart has started selling coffins and urns. So you can save money, live better and die economically.

Just $95.74 for the Soulful Peace Brass Urn.


Or $2,459 for the Official MLB Baltimore Orioles Casket.


For $104.70, these Old Glory Urn colors don't run.

The Star Legacy Blue Tapestry Dome Casket, for $759, lets you die just as you lived: among office cubicle neutral tones.

Just $599 to remember Pablo Sandoval's catch that won the 2014 World Series Game. Oh yeah, and a life.

For just $35.26, you can ride on the Wings of Freedom Urn.


Keep it super classy with the Midnight Blue casket for $1,241.82.

Or feminine with the Floral Elegance Casket for $1,554.17.

For the true believer, there's the Official Vatican Observatory Foundation Mahogany Casket for $3,799.

You can match your Walmart entertainment center with your final resting place with the Prestige Popular Casket in Cherry for $1,549.

Credit: Walmart 

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