Walmart's Clearance Aisle Just Might Be Anything But A Good Deal

Mar 27, 2016

Most people love to save money; maybe it's by taking advantage of a good deal, maybe it's by repurposing something no longer used, or maybe it's just to be able to use your pennies in a whole other way! Whatever the reason is, keep finding those ways to save ... but you might not have any luck in the clearance aisle at Walmart.

We'd like to preface this by saying that Walmart has already issued a denial of any company-wide attempt to scam consumers out of money. As a Walmart spokeswoman has explained, "This is an isolated incident and a pricing error in this store," and went further, saying that had the item been brought to the register, it would have appeared on the screen as the lower price. 

Another Reddit user, ZPTs, posted on SillyPickle's thread with a fairly rational and believable possible explanation, too: "Likely got shipped in from another store's clearance section (perhaps a store that was closing with more drastic price cuts). Different markets are going to have different prices. These items might have been determined to sell better where you live." Whatever you think, take a look at the evidence SillyPickle collected and make up your own mind.

Reddit user SillyPickle is just like the rest of us, frequently seduced by the lure of the clearance aisle.

But during the last meander down the aisle of supposedly good prices, they noticed something fishy. The advertised deals were not quite what they seemed.

Check out this LED micro flashlight.

It seems like your run-of-the-mill micro flashlight, but the layer of price stickers tells a different story.

Ah, a second price sticker ...

... with a whopping $4.98 difference!


A little further down the aisle, SillyPickle found "The Voice: I Want You" game for Xbox360.

Although the box contains the game and two bonus microphones, it's been marked down to $29.96.

The earlier price tag?

Over $10 less, at $19 even.

Maybe you're looking for a tennis ball for your fake pet. No worries, Walmart's clearance section's got you covered.

But take a closer look, and you'll rethink that $9.97 price tag. The previous label, which can be seen faintly through the top one, says $5.00.

Most of us use digital cameras or smartphones to take photographs, but maybe you've found yourself in need of a good, old disposable camera.

A two-pack for $16.57? Try exposing the label below, which clearly reads $8.99.


Next, for all those newly-turned 15-years-old girls out there, here's a pack of thank you notes.

First lesson as a near-adult, though, should be to always check the previous labels; instead of paying $2.00, you could get these for a mere 78¢.

Looking for a Wii video game for the kids?

Don't pay $29.96 to paint with Mickey! Just look at the previous tag for a price $19.96.

Lastly, SillyPickle found a 10-in-1 universal accessory kit.

Its tag says it costs $17.88. If you strain your eyes, you can see the previous price was $15 and change.

H/T: Silly Pickle

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