Ways A Shower Caddy Can Be Used Around The House

Smart organization is essential in a comfortable home. From bathrooms to kitchens, each room in the house serves a different purpose. Without proper storage solutions in place, the house can become a clutter of random items strewn across every room without rhyme or reason.

Shelves, bins, cabinets, and storage organizers all exist to help us keep everything organized and in place. If you find yourself with just a few loose items in a room and it doesn't make sense to build a whole shelf for it, then shower caddies are the perfect solution. These simple racks give your bathtubs and showers extra room by keeping everything in one convenient place, and they can do the same for you around the rest of your house. Here are some excellent uses for these versatile caddies outside of the bathroom:

Craft Supplies Organizer


Keep your craft supplies and tools all in one place with a pretty shower caddy on the wall. It takes up less space than a bin or cabinet, and everything can be easily accessed right above your desk or craft station. This makes your craft projects so much easier to execute.

Food Caddy

Lookie What I Did

Road trips are incredibly fun, but eating in the car can get quite messy. The next time you and your family are munching on fast food or takeout food, keep everything in your meal neatly tucked into a shower caddy so you can enjoy the variety of foods and drinks without having everything strewn precariously across the car seats. No more runaway fries!

Homework Caddy

A Bowl Full Of Lemons

Keep your children's desk or work area organized with a homework caddy that contains all the essentials, such as lined papers, pencils, markers, and scissors. When they are done with their homework or project, they can put all their supplies back into the caddy and tuck it away until they need it again. Say goodbye to pens and papers lying all around the house.

Kids' Going-To-School Station

Mom Mart

Teach your children to properly hang up their backpacks and put away their outdoor shoes when they get home from school with this convenient mudroom organizer. This also ensures that they won't forget their hats and scarves when they leave the house in the morning.


Gift-Wrap Station


With birthdays and holidays coming up regularly throughout the year, it is important to have all your gift-wrapping essentials organized instead of scattered around the house. With a shower caddy, you can keep all your gift tags, ribbons, and other supplies all tucked away behind the utility closet door and out of the way until you need it.

Mudroom Organizer

The Shabby Nest

Adults can also be prone to forgetting their winter hats and scarves when leaving the house sometimes. Keep all your winter accessories right where you need them with some handy shower caddies. Don't forget to store your umbrellas there as well! You'll definitely be thankful for it on a rainy day.

Caddy Planters

P&G Everyday

If space is limited in your backyard, but you want to indulge your gardening hobbies, then shower caddies are your answer. They can make for great planters for your flowers and other greenery while sprucing up that plain, boring fence or wall.

Bathroom Storage

Apartment Therapy

Bathroom cabinets do not usually provide enough space for all your bathroom essentials. Give your bathroom some extra storage space and keep the most-used items handy by hanging a shower caddy on the inside of the cabinet door. Never dig through hairsprays and body lotions to get to your hair dryer again!


Produce Rack

Domestic Diva Domain‚Äč

Keep fresh produce out of the way when you're cooking and cleaning by storing them on a shower caddy.

Domestic Diva Domain

Simply hang a shower caddy off to the side of your kitchen and store your fresh fruits and veggies there. They will be safe from contamination and easily accessible when you need them for cooking.

Medicine Organizer

The Creative Homemaker

When you are feeling under the weather, the last thing you want to do is to dig through a bin of pills and medication to find what you're looking for. Keep all your medicine neatly organized and visible with a shower caddy so you can seek relief instantly.

Laundry Room Storage

Lookin' Up

Laundry rooms are usually very limited in space. Rather than building a shelf or struggling to find room to store all your detergents and cleaners, simply hang a shower caddy on the wall to keep everything in one place.

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