We Dug Through Our Archives To Find The Best Brain Teasers. Can You Solve Them?

Oct 29, 2015

It’s easy to develop a routine and pattern in our lives. Most days we see the same people and work on the same thing. So when something comes along that makes you stop, think and maybe even question your own sanity, it’s going to stay with you for a while. That’s why today we are celebrating our favorite brain teasers.

Brain teasers are more than just those things everyone pretends to understand while waiting for someone else to say the answer. They can teach us weird quirks about how our minds work and help us solve problems logically. This week, we went through our archives and found the best brain teasers to put you to the test. Think you can figure out the mystery behind all these puzzles? Good luck. If you’re stuck, click on the original link for a full explanation.

Audio Illusion – October 9, 2009 

Do you hear it? If you replay this video over and over again, the tone appears to develop a higher pitch. There’s a complex musical reason as to why this happens, but sometimes it’s better to not know and just be amazed.


Can You Solve This Math Riddle? – February 27, 2014 

This is a good lesson in not overthinking. At least they all figured it out eventually.

Missing Square Puzzle – May 23, 2013 

This one blew my mind and I still don’t know how it works. If you want to learn the secret behind the puzzle, watch this explanation video. 


First Graders Can Solve This Brain Teaser In Seconds. Can You? – June 23, 2015 

Are you smarter than a first grader? Apparently I am not. If you’re hungry for more, click on the original link and challenge yourself with another.

Do you have a favorite video from the past? Let us know in the comments and make sure to join us every Thursday as we continue to dig deeper into our archives and explore the world of Wimp.

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