Welcome To "Bunker Secreto," Where You Can Ride Out The Apocalypse In Style

When you think of a fallout shelter, you probably imagine a dark, cramped space, good for riding out the apocalypse, but not much else. Sure, you would want to have access to one if zombies were roaming the streets or bombs were falling, but eating canned food and sleeping on a hard cot? Yuck.

We thought the same, until we saw this. Created by taldisparate, “Bunker Secreto” is exactly where we would want to be if disaster ever struck. Take a look.

The opening is nothing more than a hole in the ground, just big enough for one person to squeeze through at a time. 

Feeling a little claustrophobic? Just wait …


You are about to enter …

An incredibly warm and inviting space, much nicer than many homes. 

With the big screen TV and comfy leather sofa, you’d seriously be living in style. 

And just check out that bed! 


There’s also room for family and friends … or the strangers you’re going to rescue. 

Clean laundry, a toilet AND a shower? It’s almost too good to be true. 

This sight would be a slice of heaven. 

Well done, sir. Enjoy your “man cave” for now, but if the worst ever happens, we know where to come knocking! 

Via: taldisparate

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